Elegance 60 Rectangular 120L Tall Cabinet Aquarium Set (Black) - This Product has been discontinued

A new standard in contemporary aquariums.

The modern and stylish design for the Elegance 60 makes this aquarium perfect for any interior space, whether it is inside your home or office. The sleek, stylish finish compliments today's modern decor, and adds style and life to any room.

Features & Benefits:

  • Comes with a powerful 6 strip - 39W LED light which is concealed inside the top section of the full length cabinet
  • Filtration system that includes biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. The filter unit built into the rear of the aquarium includes all media as well as housing the heater
  • The LED light unit provides an energy efficient lighting solution that enhances the colours of fish in the aquarium while providing a spectrum that enhances plant growth Cabinet underneath the tank provides plenty of space for storage
  • Available in gloss black with a walnut feature panel


Suitable for: Coldwater, Tropical, Shrimp & Planted

1+1 Year Guarantee

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