About Us

Aqua One® the pinnacle of the “ONE” brands, has earned a reputation for providing innovative aquariums and technology to suit every customer’s needs. For over 10 years, Aqua One® has made fish keeping easier for families, enthusiasts and professionals. The comprehensive Aqua One® range includes aquariums, technology, nutrition, maintenance and accessories. Aqua One® offers quality products to suit any budget.

The Aqua One® team includes specialist marine biologists, who design, test, and quality control each Aqua One® product. Aqua One® is backed up by an industry leading warranty, and a commitment to providing reliable aquariums and technology. Aqua One® is a market leader because the people that design the products use the products! Each aquarium features the latest in technology, and is designed to be easy to use. Aqua One® is proud to offer products that inspire excellence in fish care!