AquaStyle 510 - 75L Curved Glass Aquarium


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The Aqua One aquarium range also caters for the intermediate fish keeper, wishing to upgrade from their first starter aquarium.
As an intermediate fish keeper, you have more options in which fish you feel most confident in keeping, and also in larger quantities. This generally will require the need for a bigger aquarium to accommodate for the types of species you wish to keep.

Each aquarium set offers seamless viewing without distortion, impeccable lighting systems that allow you more control over the way you light your aquarium and a stylish aquarium stand.

Features & Benefits:

  • AquaStyle  510 come complete with double lighting technology to enable you to control the way you light your tank. Multiple switch technology allows your fish to adjust to light changes over time. This lighting system is designed for brighter, clearer lighting, through the use of PL energy efficient lighting. At the same time, these lights promote the lush plant growth you need for quality aquascapes, and intensify the natural colours of fish.
  • The top filter comes complete and ready-touse with 2 carbon cartridges fitted with filter wool to filter out the finer, solid particles, 2 sponge pads to complete the mechanical filtration process of the wet and dry filter, and ceramic noodles for biological filtration.
  • Like our other aquarium cabinets, the 510 cabinet designs are designed for functional, yet stylish use, so as to fit in with the modern home of today. Both cabinets have storage space for all your aquarium accessories.
  • Matching cabinets are available (click here to view cabinet)

Replacement Parts/Media:

  • 25002C - AquaStyle 510 Carbon Cartridge 2pk 2c
  • 25002I - AquaStyle 510 Impeller 2i
  • 25002S - AquaStyle 510 Sponge Pad 2pk 2s
  • 25002W - AquaStyle 510 Wool Pad 2pk 2w
  • 25003I - Impeller Set - 500 AquaStart / 620 AquaStyle 3i


  • 53042 - Light Bulb PL-11W Sunlight
  • 53212 - Light Bulb PL-11W Marine Blue
  • 53030 - Light Bulb PL-11W Mix Sunlight/Tropical
  • 53031 - Light Bulb PL-11W Mix Sunlight/Marine Blue

Matching Cabinet:

Specifications:  52026GBK - AquaStyle 510 75L Curved Glass Aquarium Gloss Black - 51 x 34 x 54 cm

Suitable For: Coldwater and Tropical

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Additional Info

  • Code: 52026GBK
  • Type: Coldwater, Tropical
  • Size: 51W x 34D x 72cm H
  • Vol. (L): 75
  • Lighting: 9W LED
  • Filtration: Top Filter
  • Flow Rate: 750L/hr
  • Voltage: 220 ~ 240V AC
  • Colour: Black
  • Length (Cm): 51
  • Incl. Filter: Yes
  • Incl. Heater: No
  • Incl. Light: Yes
  • Matching Stand or Cabinet: Yes

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