Frequently Asked Questions


How/where can I purchase spare parts?

You can contact the original store of purchase to check the availability of spare parts. If they do not have them available and are not able to order them in, you can check with your nearest stockist. You can find your nearest stockist by visiting  


My product isn't working as it should. Who do I speak to?

Firstly, check your instruction manual under the Trouble Shooting section to see if the issue is a common problem which can be rectified easily. If you have misplaced your instruction manual, we have our Instruction Manuals on our website which can be found at

If the issue cannot be resolved through the Trouble Shooting section, please speak to your original store of purchase for all aftercare enquiries.


Where can I find a copy of your warranty information?

Our warranty information can be found on the last page of your Instruction Manual booklet. If you have misplaced your Instruction Manual, we have our Instruction Manuals on our website which can be found at


I need a copy of my Extended Warranty Certificate; how do I get one?

Please contact us via our website under the ‘Contact Us' page and we will be able to email you a new copy.


How do I register my product for extended warranty?

The additional 1 Year Extended Guarantee applies when you register online with Aqua One. Register your Extended Guarantee at  

Fill out your details and check the barcode on your product for the 5-digit number (this is the product code number).

A certificate of registration will be emailed back to you. Keep this safe with your original proof of purchase receipt.


How can I receive a replacement under warranty?

As per your manufacturers' guarantee, all claims for repair or replacement must be made at the original store of purchase with your proof of purchase. A replacement will only be issued if the product is unable to be repaired.


I have lost my receipt; can I still claim my warranty?

As per your manufacturers' guarantee, the original and dated proof of purchase (receipt) must be supplied with all goods claim.


My tank is leaking, what are my options?

We recommend to Trouble Shoot a suspected leaking tank by performing the following:

  • To check the tank is leaking and not a build-up of condensation, remove your fish from the aquarium safely and place into a spare tank or plastic storage container. Depending on your filter you may be able to attach your filter to the spare fish tank or container.
  • Empty your fish tank completely
  • Place the empty tank on a piece of cardboard or newspaper
  • Over a few days fill your aquarium tank with water ¼ at a time to monitor for leaks.

If you are certain it is leaking, and it is still within the warranty period return it to the original store of purchase with your proof of purchase for the friendly staff to assess and assist you further.


The instructions aren't clear, who can I speak to?

Your retailer can help and guide you through the instructions. If they are unable to assist you, you can contact our customer service team via our ‘Contact Us' page


Where can I find a copy of the instruction manual?

Our Instruction Manuals can be found at


Can I buy directly from Aqua One?

Aqua One is a brand of Kong's Australia. Kong's Australia is a wholesale company which means we can only supply our products to stockists of Aqua One. We do not sell directly to the public.


I saw a product that I would like to purchase, but my local Aqua One retailer doesn't stock it, what are my options?

You can ask your Aqua One retailer to order it in for you. Alternately refer to our website to find a retailer close to you, who may have your product, or be happy to order one in for you.


Why don't you have prices on your website?

Aqua One is a brand of Kong's Australia. Kong's Australia is a wholesale company which means we can only supply our products and prices to stockists of Aqua One. We do not sell direct to the public, therefore, have no prices available. For all pricing enquiries, please refer to your Aqua One retailer.


Where can I buy your products?

Aqua One products are available Australia Wide. To find your nearest retailer please visit our website


What lumen values are in Aqua One light units?

In simple terms, Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the "brighter" the light will appear. All our Aqua One lights are produced for different purposes whether it be for aquatic livestock, plants, colour enhancers etc. Each product will have a different Lumen measurement depending on its intended use.


What type of glass are Aqua One aquariums made of?

Our aquariums are constructed from Float Glass


Where can I forward my feedback?

Kong‘s Australia is an Australian owned company and a wholesaler and developer of quality, value for money products to care for your aquatic pets. At Kong's we know that your aquatics pets are members of your family, as they are in ours. The company aims to continue to be a leader in the Aquarium Industry and is continually searching for ways to improve its products and expand its range. Your feedback is fundamental to our company and we welcome all feedback. You can contact us through our website under the ‘Contact Us' page


I am about to purchase my first aquarium and fish, is there some information on what I need to get started and what I need to purchase.

Whether you are new to keeping fish or upgrading your aquarium, Fish Academy aims to provide you with all necessary information to point you in the right direction.

Helpful hints and tips are provided throughout Fish Academy with our ‘Fish for Thought' Mascot' Professor Dorothy Finn.

With a wide range of content, you are sure to find the answer you are looking for. Visit us today at

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